William Williams

We received an email from Mike Smith who wrote:-

With all the current remembrance interest,  I have attached  a photo of my late grandfathers regiment (he is the medic at the front middle) and I think he was in the labour corps.
He served in WW1 as a medic and saw action.  He went to war as an underage teenager,  lying about his age so he could go.   I remember him telling me a story about getting a bullet through his shirt sleeve.
He obviously lost a friend Billy Williams, as he dedicated the attached poem to him.  I presume he was from Chasetown area.
My grandfather died when I was about 9 (now 47!)    Before he died he hand wrote the attached poem in about 1976.  I have  always kept the paper it is written on, as it is very precious to me. 
I would love to know about his pal Billy and also if the poem was written by someone else or penned by him.  I cannot find it online, so maybe he wrote it?
I notice that you are conducting some funded research and wondered if the attached was of use or interest.
Best regards
Mike Smith




From the address on the poem it can be seen that the address given is 20 Countess Street Walsall, so it is unlikely that this William (Billy) Williams is from the Chase area