Ernest Craddock

Email from Tony:

I am a member of Dene Valley U3a and one of our study groups has given itself the task to research the history of the men mentioned on WW! memorials around Wellesbourne, Warwickshire. The job will continue for some time.

We have assembled our information on our U3A website. The project has included researching the stories around memorabilia brought to us by members living in the area. 
One such item was a ledger kept by the great aunt of one of our members. She was Nurse Commandant at Halloughton Military Hospital. She persuaded the recuperating soldiers to write their experiences or leave greetings.

One such entry was Sapper Ernest Craddock. In searching the internet I discovered on your website that an Ernest Craddock is listed on the Brownhills Memorial Hall War Memorial. 

I have not been able to be certain of who his family was and the only firm clue is that he came from Walsall.

Can you or your colleagues shed any light from your own research or conversely does my research help you.

I append two links one to the page about Craddock and a second to the section on the Halloughton ledger.

Best wishes 


*The second link from Tony seems to be broken s I will contact Tony to see if we can have the correct link*